Mindset: Luke Gorse

luke-gorseI have been fortunate enough to meet some really amazing people as a martial artist. My interest is mindset. Usually, it is the fighters that I expect to be as hard as nails but the guy who I recently interviewed, who I met at my local gym, is absolutely hardcore.

This guy has tremendous courage. Let me introduce to you Motocross and Enduro competitor, Luke Gorse!

Name: Luke Gorse

Age: 21 years old

Occupation: Well-being personal trainer for Nuffield Health

Specialist Skills: Motocross and Enduro are my disciplines. Continue Reading →

Butterflies: Jenny Jones

Havijenny-jonesng thoroughly enjoyed exploring the mindsets of fighters through the Gladiator series of interviews, I want to explore resilience by looking at people who have overcome various challenges. As Rocky once said – it is not about how hard you can hit that makes you special but how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward.

I hope these interviews inspire and provoke reflection. To start the ball rolling, allow me to introduce you to somebody I got to know gradually through my business connections and who has lived a very interesting life. I give you Jenny Jones. Continue Reading →

Gladiators: Tony Higo Interview

As an honourary Yorkshireman (self-appointed), I know how big this guy’s reputation in the county is as an experienced real-deal fighter and as an instructor. Judging by what he said in his interview, he is also a deep thinking man that aspires to be greater and inspires others to be greater too. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. The latest Gladiator Interview focuses on the very talented Tony Higo. Continue Reading →

Why PROACTion is better than REACTion

Wrong place, wrong time

Proaction is better than reaction. There are a million and one ways that you can end up in a physical altercation. Most of the time, if this happens to you it will be as a result of not taking the right action to avoid the situation in the first place. That is not to say it can’t happen to any of us, self-defence specialists included, because it can. Violence can come when you least expect it. One can always say that if you are involved in a fight, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It must be avoided at all costs. Continue Reading →

Gladiators: Stephen French Interview (Part 1)

The “Frenchman” is back. Once “The Devil”, he is now “The Fighting Preacher”

When you meet this man either in person or online you can’t miss him. Towering well over 6′, he has a strong physical presence that has proven overpowering for those that have fought him…or crossed him. As a writer, he is never short of opinions and ideas. He has worn many interesting hats and has been in the limelight for the right and wrong reasons but what made me relish this particular interview was that he has something that many people lack: whatever he is going to do, he commits to it totally and that goal becomes his raison d’etre. He also happens to be an awesome martial artist.

Fighter, psychologist, former ‘gangster’, legitimate business man, community worker, campaigner.

I give you…Stephen French. Continue Reading →

Gladiators: Richard Taylor interview

New Interview Series

Launching a series of interviews with martial artists who I rank and respect for their fighting ability, spirit and other qualities that they have bought to the scene, I started with Richard Taylor. Richard is a lovely guy who I have only had the pleasure of training with a few times, and a really talented individual. Continue Reading →

Awareness, Training, Intention and Intentionality

Levels of Awareness

It is arguable that self-defence starts and ends with awareness. Not to be aware is to be a sitting duck and even the greatest fighter can find themselves dazed and bewildered if they don’t see the threat. Self-defence teachers often talk about levels of awareness, sometimes using the traffic light system to describe ‘states of alarm’. Intentionality is even more important. Continue Reading →