Better Nunchaku Technique Using A Stick

Tracing True Movement

This tutorial is all about tracing the movement you create when swinging nunchaku, and then correcting any errors to improve your Nunchaku Technique. When you focus too much on where you want the nunchaku to end up it is very easy to overlook the most essential part of nunchaku movement – the natural path that they are supposed to take.

When you are practising with nunchaku you will not always see where you are going wrong with the movement because of the flexibility of the chain and the speed of the batons. You get away with it…until you get smacked in the head or they are not where you want them to be for the catch. Continue Reading →

Timing and The Three Elements!

Creating Time

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This tutorial looks at how to create time by understanding ‘timing and the three elements’. The video below demonstrates how moving creates more time for us to catch the nunchaku mid-air than if we were to remain static. If we remain static and the nunchaku are moving our hands have to work harder to get to where they should be to make the catch. If we are prepared to move our bodies in time with the movement of the nunchaku then once the nunchaku are airborne we actually have more time to make the catch. Can you imagine a fielder on a cricket field who couldn’t run? He wouldn’t make many catches.

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