nunchaku-posterAbout The Chan School of Nunchaku

The founder of the Chan School of Nunchaku, Martin Morrison, first picked up a pair of nunchaku in 1982 as a boy. Since then he has studied a variety of martial arts – Goju Ryu and Wado Ryu Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Iaido/Iaijutsu and Kobudo/Kobujutsu. Over the years he has also had the privilege of training with some fantastic people from other disciplines such as boxing, MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai.

Benefits of Training

There are many reasons why people take up a martial art: self-defence, increased self-confidence, improved physical fitness, to push oneself and compete….and these are just a few. On the one side, the practice of martial arts brings increased competence, then expertise and a life-long journey of improvement in performance of the art whether that means better techniques or greater ability in combat. On the other side, martial arts training helps to develop certain qualities within the practitioner; self-discipline, focus, humility and patience for example.

Every Student is Different

Students have different motives for taking up training, and they have different levels of ability. However, the potential to become enriched through their training is the same for all students. At the same time, by working on themselves they increase their potential for greater performance as martial artists. The most important element of training is the change within the heart, mind and body of the practitioner and that is what the Chan School of Nunchaku is all about.

The School Ethos

The Chan School of Nunchaku welcomes anybody with an open mind who wants to learn. The training emphasis is on feeling and meditation through movement. When people think of meditation they often think of sitting Buddhas or people chanting. As you can see from the gallery and the video clips nobody is sitting still nor chanting but the state of mind for optimum nunchaku performance (as with any martial art) is meditative.

Warriors and Artists

While the emphasis of training is on the creative handling of nunchaku, the school is built on strong ‘martial’ foundations and all students will be in no doubt that they are handling a weapon, and will gain in-depth understanding of the martial application of the weapon.

While the emphasis of training relates to the handling and control of nunchaku, students will learn a skill set that can be applied to any weapon, and they will get to train with and explore other weapons as part of their development.

Syllabus and Gradings

Students progress through a syllabus with regular gradings. Due to the dynamics of nunchaku they will only move the way the practitioner wants them to with skill and training. Regular attendance and practice is ESSENTIAL for progression.