Please read the following disclaimer carefully before viewing any video or reading any of the written information present on this website.

The Chan School of Nunchaku and its makers, authors, advisors, consultants, demonstrators or any other persons affiliated with The Chan School of Nunchaku, shall not be liable for any injury, damage, or loss, of any sort, caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the use, practice, teaching or dissemination of any of the techniques, information or ideas presented via video, audio or written content contain on this website.

The viewer or reader thereby assumes all risks and hazards of injury or death to themselves, or to others and any other liability that may stem from use of the techniques and methods contained herein. The viewer or reader is at all times responsible for their own health and safety. The Chan School of Nunchaku takes no responsibility or liability for an individual’s degree of ability or inability to learn, employ or otherwise use the techniques demonstrated on this website to any effective standard, or at all.

The Chan School of Nunchaku would advise that you consult a doctor before undertaking to follow any of the exercise programs or advice hosted on this website. Before starting this martial arts program or making any changes to your lifestyle and/or diet you must get your doctor’s prior approval. The content of this website is intended for informational purposes, it is not medical advice, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. The programs designed on this website are meant for fit and healthy individuals only.

Exercise of any type can pose a risk. Before exercising make certain your equipment is in good condition and be sure to know your own fitness limits. Adequate warm up and cool downs should be undertaken before and after any exercise.

The martial arts sequences hosted on this website have been undertaken and choreographed by a qualified professional. Some of these techniques can be dangerous. Do not perform or recreate any of these sequences (particularly with weaponry) until you have been shown the proper technique, in the appropriate setting, by a qualified fitness professional. If you experience any pain, discomfort, dizziness or shortness of breath or otherwise feel ill stop exercising immediately and seek medical advice.

Finally, please be sensible in your use of the techniques learned from this website. The Chan School of Nunchaku are not liable for any actions you take outside its classes and ask that you refrain from employing these techniques outside of a martial artist class setting. You are responsible for your own use of this website and how the techniques are utilised. The Chan School of Nunchaku would not recommend using any of the weaponry showcased on this website without the presence of a qualified professional.

One-on-One Tuition

All of the above applies in the case of any one-on-one tuition lessons provided by The Chan School of Nunchaku and its instructors. Please note that as you will be learning from the comfort of your own home you take all risk and responsibility for your own health and safety.

Thank you. Enjoy the site.

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