An Introduction to Qigong

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a seven thousand year old Chinese health improvement (wellness) system. It incorporates the coordinated use of breathing methods, breath control, stances, movements, acupressure, self-massage, visualizations and guided meditations to achieve specific goals: increasing the quantity and quality of Qi in one’s body, facilitating the easy flow of Qi in one’s body, for the purpose of increasing health, strength, longevity, boosting one’s immune system and making oneself a better person. What more can anybody want but excellent health and well-being? Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Reveals A World Of Possibilities

Filtered Reality

Right this second as you read this, you are only aware of a fraction of your reality and you are missing lots of information that can help you achieve your goals. Why? Because our brains have a filter called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that selects what sights, sounds and other signals from the real world we are going to take notice of. The more limited your view of the world, of yourself and your potential, the more your experience of the world will confirm your limited view of reality. Mindfulness training wakes us up to the real world where anything is possible. Continue Reading →

Get Stronger By Creating Inner Balance

Tai Chi, Yin Yang: Creating inner balance

The concept of Tai Chi is a great way to understand how life works, inner balance and the essentials of maintaining high physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being.

Life emerges as a balance between the Yang energy (death force/anabolism/tissue destruction) and the Yin energy (life force/anabolism/tissue regeneration). Our shape, form, health, vitality, mental clarity, level of consciousness, and energy (energy: capacity to perform work & capacity to maintain our form) is a reflection of how well we have balanced the death cycle (Yang) with the life cycle (Yin) within our body-mind structure. Continue Reading →

Better Nunchaku Technique Using A Stick

Tracing True Movement

This tutorial is all about tracing the movement you create when swinging nunchaku, and then correcting any errors to improve your Nunchaku Technique. When you focus too much on where you want the nunchaku to end up it is very easy to overlook the most essential part of nunchaku movement – the natural path that they are supposed to take.

When you are practising with nunchaku you will not always see where you are going wrong with the movement because of the flexibility of the chain and the speed of the batons. You get away with it…until you get smacked in the head or they are not where you want them to be for the catch. Continue Reading →