Mindset training

If you want to stay out of trouble, stay safe and be equipped to deal with a physical assault (if necessary) then while effective combative techniques are useful, the most important and essential element of training has to be your mindset.

Techniques without mindset are like a car without a steering wheel


Regardless of your level of training in martial arts for example or with specialist self-defence techniques, if you do not have the right mindset, you are more likely to end up in conflict situations that could have been avoided, leading to physical altercations. Without the right mindset, your movement in such situations is likely to be next to useless – either fighting back with a lack of proper coordination, spending valuable energy very quickly, or freezing on the spot allowing your assailants complete control.

Adrenal Stress Training (AST)

Most people have not been exposed to effective ‘adrenal stress training’ and therefore have no idea how to handle the sort of adrenaline rush that real physical danger will bring. Legs shake, mouths dry up, bodies feel stuck on the spot, breathing is affected and without the correct training, defence drills go out of the window.

Mushin Ryu Self-Defence

Mushin Ryu Self-Defence grew out of the Chan School of Nunchaku‘s specialist “mindfulness” programs. By combining the knowledge of mental conditioning, mental pre-programming techniques, awareness training, diplomatic skills and combatives taken from a broad range of martial arts experience and training, Mushin Ryu Self-Defence has been designed to give you the skills you need for the real world, not just the ‘dojo’ or ‘training hall’.

The emphasis is placed on training participants to remain mindful so they can deflect and diffuse potential conflict as soon as the early signs are showing. If physical conflict is unavoidable, our students are trained to act “pre-emptively” within the law so as to remove the threat quickly, efficiently and legally.

Vital ingredients

Whether we are delivering an intense course or students are taking part in our long term syllabus, the Mushin Ryu Self-Defence method incorporates a number of key elements to ensure you are effectively equipped to keep yourself safe. These are:

  • Awareness/Mindset/Mental Programming
  • The Law and Self-Defence
  • Conflict avoidance and diffusion
  • Understanding human anatomy
  • Effective defensive manoeuvres / effective strikes
  • Weapons training (not firearms)
  • Improvised weapons

Our mission

We aim to develop ladies and gentlemen who are superb diplomats and the least likely to ever be involved in physical violence. If violence does become inevitable, these high calibre people will be able to fend off any threats efficiently and effectively.

Who are you?

We deal with individuals, businesses and organisations to deliver training to suit you. Whether you want to attend an intensive course, jump onto a regular training program as part of a class, or see how we can help your senior managers become better leaders, we have something for everyone, including personal coaching. Have a look at our Services section and see for yourself.


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